Until  the College moves into a campus with the required facilities, sports activities  are held outside  the college premises in rented out facilities.

Coaching in swimming  is provided  for the  whole  student  body.  Those who wish to avail  themselves  of this facility,  have to register  with  the
P E  teacher.  They will be taken  by the coach   to the respective  venues  on the days  they have swimming.  This  will be immediately after school and will  be for  one hour.  Parents will  pick  the children up  from the respective pools at 3.30 p.m.

Coaching  is available  for Junior cricketers  and Senior cricketers.  Those who wish  to play  cricket have  to register with the P E  teacher. They  will be  taken to the cricket grounds immediately after  school on the  days they  have cricket practice.  Parents  are expected  to collect them  from the grounds at  4.00 p.m.


Basketball  practices  will be  arranged  for juniors  as well as for Seniors at courts within  walking  distance of the  school. Parents  will have to  collect their  children after  practice at 4.00 p.m. from the courts on the  days assigned for basketball.

Badminton practices will e arranged  at a nearby court under  competent coach. The location of the courts and the  time of practice will be announced in due  course.

Table Tennis

A professional  coach in the table tennis is  available on Tuesdays in  the college  premises. Students  are encouraged  to make  use of  this facility after school  hours.

Instructions in Karate will be available  immediately after school in the college premises on Specified days.





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