Admission to the  college is  competitive and those  who have a good  academic record or evidence  of such potential and  those  who show promise of making a significant  and positive  contribution to the life  of the  College  may apply.  Applications  should be made  on the prescribed forms available  at the College  office.  Admission  will  depend on the  results  of an admission test  and an interview.  All  students  seeking  Admission  are personally interviewed by the  Principal and the relevant Sectional Head.

Parents of  prospective  students are also  interviewed  by the  Principal.  In order to ascertain  that the  family will , as a whole benefit from the  type of education provided  at the college and  that the family will be  in a position to be supportive of the aims  and objectives of the  college  and meet  the demands  made  of them  in providing this particular  type of education  for their  children.

For  further information please contact:
Tele :  +94114345978/9  , +9411 4410875
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A  high standard of discipline and conduct is maintained at the  C o l l e g e.  Good manners,  courtesy  of speech and politeness  as well as personal  c l e a n l i n e s s is emphasized.

In addition to observing  school  rules,  a  student is expected to confirm  to the usual norms of good  behavior and decency ,  both during  school hours out side school hours.   The reserves the right  to punish  or expel (in  serious instances )  a student whose  behaviour is detrimental to the  reputation of the  school.

We lay great emphasis  on self discipline , so that  after leaving college  they will continue to be  well disciplined;  law abiding  citizens.  We  want  them  to bring credit to their  families , to the  college and to  their  countries.

Academic Calander

Our academic Year  starts  in September  each year  and ends  on  31st August the following year.

The academic year is divided in to three terms:
1st Term  - Beginning  of September  - mid December
2nd Term  -  Beginning of January  - Beginning of  April
3rd Term  -  end of April  - mid July.
Time of School hours are  staggered to suit  different age levels and also  in order  to avoid traffic congestion.
Play Group                 -           8.30am            -          11.00 am
Nursery                       -           8.30am           -            1.30 am
L.K.G & U.K.G            -           8.00am            -          12.30 pm
Grade 1 & 2                -           8.00am            -           1.00  pm
Grade  3 – 5                -          7.45 am           -            1.40 pm
Forms I – VI              -           7.45 am           -           1.40 pm

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