About our school

College  of  World Education was started on the 7th of January 1996 by Dr.Frank Jayasinghe,  the well – known International Educationist. It was registered as a Pvt. Ltd., Co. under  the name  ‘World Education Pvt. Ltd., ’ and  also as a B O I  approved project.

Presently , the College is situated at  No.14,  Fairfield Gardens. Colombo 8, within walking distance  from Borella  Junction.

Classes are conducted from Nursery/Kindergarten to Edexcel  I G C S E  and G C E  A Levels, London. Class size is Limited  as well as the  total enrollment.  Maximum Class size is 15 and the Maximum enrollment  is 250.
This makes  it possible  for  our teachers  to pay individual attention to students.  Hence we are  also  able  to accommodate  a few  slow learners at any given time. A well equipped Nursery/K.G,  well stocked Library,  a Computer Laboratory,  and a  Science Laboratory enrich our programme.

Extra curricular activities arranged for different age groups consists  of Athletics, Cricket,  Basketball,  Table Tennis, Swimming,  Scrabble , Karate & etc.,  We have a very active Interact – Club  through which  community Service  activities are  regularly arranged.

Being a non profit oriented organization we are able to keep the fees at a  minimum, so that  the not so affluent Section of our society  can obtain  a World Class education for  their  children.

Our Founder

Dr. Frank Jayasinghe, Founder Principal, College of World Education

The college of World Education was established in order to make it possible for Sri Lankan students to have access  to the latest methods  and techniques of learning  and the most upto date international curricular as well as the latest information pertaining  to their relevant areas of study.


The aims of the College are :

1.  To prepare students for University Education in any  part of the  world.
2.  To have as  our  end products  : Well informed , Well balanced young men and women who will be  mature , responsible and responsive  citizens  of the world  of the 21st Century.

We hope to achieve these goals through  a variety of carefully planned activities  both academic and extracurricular ,in a disciplined, yet  relaxed atmosphere. We believe that  students should  enjoy  school and should be motivated to appreciate and  develop a  thirst  for knowledge  and be encouraged to be high achievers.

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